Q1) How do I make a booking on your website?

A1) Just fill in the request a survey form available on the Asaan Move’s website and we will call you to understand your requirement and provide a proposal to you.

Or, you may also reach out directly on any of these phone numbers to discuss your requirement:

021-32464932 / 0335-2929701

Q2) What information do I need in order to book?

A2) You need to provide primarily the following information:

a) The pickup address and destination address.

b) Date of journey and approximate time you want to shift (We are available 24/7). If the date is tentative, please provide the tentative dates and we will let you know regarding the availability.

c) The amount of goods to be transported. This will help us make an appropriate judgment regarding your quotation. Let us know the items you would like to be packed and moved E.g. 1 Double Bed,

2 cupboards, 2 TVs, 1 Fridge, 1 Table & 6 Chairs, etc. And, do let us know the amount of cartons you would require for packing your loose goods (optional).

Q3) How do I pay for my relocation?

A3) You need to pay 50% of the agreed amount in advance. The remaining 50% can be paid once the relocation is done. You will receive an invoice for the same.

Q4) Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

A4) Yes you can. If you wish to pick-up goods from 2 or more locations and/or drop-off goods at more than 1 locations, we will surely help you in this case. Additional charges may be adjusted accordingly.

Q5) Where will I meet the Asaan Move’s movers when I arrive?

A5) Once the booking is confirmed, the vehicle along with Asaan Moves’s shifting experts will arrive at the pick-up location at the predetermined date and time. You or an authorized person must be present to supervise the packing and shifting of goods into our vehicle. An inventory of goods will be made and the cartons will be indexed. This inventory will be shared with you before the truck leaves the pick-up location.

Q6) How can I insure my goods?

A6) Our team of shifting experts are trained to ensure the safe packing, movement and delivery of all kinds of goods. Asaan Move have a tie-up with major insurance companies in Pakistan and will help you get a comprehensive insurance before shifting. Just let us know in case you wish to avail of the same.

Q7) How long will the relocation process take?

A7) It is our endeavour to complete your shifting in the quickest time possible. Prior to moving, we will always give you the estimated time we would be arriving at the destination so you can arrange to be present there or have a representative be there to supervise the unpacking of goods. If there are any circumstances where we are unable to arrive at the appointed time, we will let you know as soon as possible so appropriate adjustments can be made at your end.

Nonetheless, please rest assured. Asaan Move is known for it’s timely and most reliable relocation services.

Q8) Does Asaan Move offer warehousing services?

A8) Yes, Asaan Move’s relocations also offers warehousing services. We have a huge warehousing capability and if you require to keep your goods safely for days or months, we will provide you a 100% safe & secure storage facility.

Q9) Can I transport my car?

A9) Asaan Move also offers car carrier services to move your personal vehicle anywhere in the world.

Q10) I can’t find my luggage! (refer to Q6)

A10) We have the reputation of being the most safe and reliable movers and packers company in Pakistan. We will ensure your luggage is verified against the indexed list and delivered accordingly.

However, in case of any disputes, our team will assist you in resolving the issue. In case insurance has been availed, we will guide you on the appropriate procedure to be followed with the insurance company.

Q11) How many days prior notice Asaan Move needs to make survey of goods to be shifted?

A11) Asaan Move being a well net organization expects at least 7 days prior notice for making survey of your goods since we work methodically through proper planning and dedicated specialized team of movers who may, at times, due to heavy load of work are engaged on other assignments. But rest assured all customers are treated as VIP.

Q12) I had lost nuts and bolts of my bed and had to face lots of inconvenience during my earlier relocation. Do you have solution to avoid such problems?

A12) Asaan Move has special boxes for storing such types of items like keys, nut- bolts, etc and the same are marked as accessories to Article No.1. The boxes containing these items are delivered first on reaching at their destination site. We do our best to avoid any human error in transporting and handling such items.

Q13) I need to have status report of my shipment on daily basis, can it be provided?

A13) Asaan Move have 24/7 customer care department which caters the need of our valuable customers and keeps track of all moving consignment through the day. The client can seek information about his/her consignment at any time, on any day, through contact to our helpline numbers (i.e. 0335-2929701).

Q14) Though I prefer to engage Asaan Move, for shipment of my goods, but am told their rates are too high. Is it correct and if so, why?

A14) Not at all. Our rates are very much reasonable. The visiting consultant will address your questions. Besides we provide value based services which is an experience in itself.

Q15) What kind of arrangements Asaan move, have for shifting goods to international Locations?

A15) Asaan Move have maintained separate staff to handle international bookings and transfers. We subscribe to international standards of packing, shifting, forwarding and delivery processes as per local conditions and environments of the departing country and city. We have adequate arrangements with our foreign associates and agents in each country.

Q16) I am worried about my perishable food – items. How is Asaan Move going to handle and preserve the same?

A16) Asaan Move advises it’s clients not to shift fast-perishable and food-items such as Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Ghee, Pickles etc.. as these may spoil your other valuable items. However, we do make arrangements for shifting grocery household items in sealed boxes as per requirements of the clients.

Q17) Can you hold the consignment at destination for a week, if so what are the charges?

A17) Yes, we can do this the visiting consultant will address the questions.

Q18) Will the Asaan Move’s movers help us with dismantling and reassembling items?

A18) Our service proposals are based on a door-to-door service which includes assistance to dismantle items at the origin location (e.g. beds or tables) and reassemble these at the new location.

Q19) How much will my move cost?

A19) There are many variables that factor into the overall cost of a relocation, e.g. the volume to be packed and moved, any fragile items or works of art that require specialty crating, mode of transport, transit insurance and whether or not you require additional services. During the pre move survey, our Consultant will discuss all aspects of your move to ensure we have a full account of what you require, so that we can provide you with a relocation plan that meets your needs and fits into your budget.

Q20) Does Asaan Move moves Artwork?

A20) Asaan Move offers custom crating services to protect paintings during a long distance residential or commercial move. Precious artwork should be packed with great care to ensure a safe journey. Artwork requires different packing methods than other items due to delicacy. The expert movers at Asaan Move are happy to move your artwork, along with your other items. Be sure to let tell your Asaan Move consultant of any artwork being transported, as well as its value. Ask your mover about the High Value Inventory form and be sure to fill it out. Anything worth more than PKR 10,000 per article is considered high value.